We wear our vitality openly. We are our healthiest, most full-of-life selves when we are filled with vitality. Life is fun. We feel great! We have plenty of energy to live, love, and enjoy our lives.

When you are lively and animated, you take action to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be: meeting new friends, building a family, starting a new business, standing in your truth — in other words, creating the life that you want to live.
Although exercise and diet can help you build your vitality, there is more you can do. VITALITY, from a Chinese medicine perspective, takes into account how your body feels — and how your heart feels, too. To paraphrase the classic Chinese medicine text The Su Wen: “If your heart is full and your eyes are bright, you are full of vitality.” 

Vitality is a state of being. The first step to bolster your vitality is to invite joy, elation, and the fullness of life to fill your heart.

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*By Huangdi Neijing, translated in The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, written ~ 400-200 BC

Damini Celebre