ENERGIZING YOU! Tap into the ENERGY within

We hear the word energy all day long, whether we are talking about how to power our mobile devices to keep them charged, or whether we have enough oomph to get through our day.

Our oomph, or our body’s energy, is also known as our unseen life force, our essence, our vibes, the bio-electric field that surrounds us, our aura, and our chi or our prana.

The concept of energy has been around for millennia. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians paid attention to the energy of the body, thinking of energy as the essence or life force that animates the body. East Asian healers are well-known for their keen focus on energy, which they call chi or prana. Indigenous peoples on every continent refer to energy. The Australian Aborigines describe an invisible magical life force. Native Americans characterize energy as a sacred life-giving wind or life force.
Why it matters. It is important to know about our body’s energy, so that we can make life easier for ourselves, and for those around us. When we are mindful of our energy — when we conscientiously manage our energy — we stay calm and centered. We can then gracefully handle our day-to-day routines, and field any curve balls that life throws at us.
Even though we were never taught about energy as we were growing up, especially how to regulate our energy, it’s not too late. You can still learn how to take charge of your energy.

Here is a quick and easy energy first aid tool. > Listen Now

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