Master teachers help guide you, hold space for you, and help you ask the right questions along your healing journey. 

The healing journey is one of vulnerability and perspective, love and commitment.

What's powerful about this program is the personal guidance and support to help you nurture and navigate your way back to yourself.

However, you are not doing this work in an abbey or a cave on the side of a mountain, like seekers in ancient healing traditions. You are doing this work as you live your everyday lives. No matter how passionate you are about becoming your ExtraOrdinary You, life gets in the way. With guidance, you can go deeper. Be part of a like-minded community that holds space for your transformative journey, and let guides help you through the challenges of transformation. 

Ways in which you will be supported throughout your journey:

  • Every Monday evening, share your experience. Damini and Anna Marie will join you and the rest of the ExtraOrdinary You! community for a one hour check-in session to help support you on your journey. 
  • Join our private Facebook group that is personally monitored by teachers and healing guides Damini and Anna Marie. 
  • Ask questions in two different ways: any time in our Facebook community, or on our Monday evening LIVE calls.
  • Damini Celebre and Anna Marie Noble are the master teachers who will help you reconnect, remember, and own all your gifts, strengths and innate power during this course. Master guides help you find your blind spots to boost your healing, and encourage you along your journey. They will guide you to reclaim your ExtraOrdinary You!