What People Are Saying About Energizing You!

Anna Marie is a uniquely gifted healer. I have found that her attention to the mind, body, and sprit in every session has provided invaluable guidance for me. Her intuition, wisdom, and deep caring are extraordinary.
— JGC, Pennsylvania
Damini Celebre is one of those new voices. What she teaches us is not what we need to do, but how we need to be, in order to navigate through tumultuous changes and renew ourselves.
— Chris Zydel, Master Arts Facilitator
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A well-structured set of classes that included tools that I am incorporating into my daily life and will use over and over.
— JH, Washington, DC
As a healer and creative, Damini combines the best of both in her workshop. Her presence is loving and she creates a space that promotes healing through self-expression.
— KC, Wyoming
Anna Marie’s skills and knowledge about healing have guided me and helped me, literally, stay on my feet. She has an amazing gift of understanding... and a compassionate approach to guiding me along my Healing Journey. She’s amazing!
— VMC, Maryland
A workshop that quickly takes you to a world where your heart can safely open. Personal insights occur in this heart opening.
— DJ, Delaware
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