Energizing You! : Energy First Aid Overview


Healing and transformation takes time. What we have learned — as healers for over 25 years each — is that deep, life-changing healing takes time. Long-term issues cannot be resolved in a weekend course. You need intention and repeated attention (focus) to allow your body-mind-spirit to make true, lasting changes. It takes time to first become aware that change is essential in order to become your best self. Then it takes time and space (and patience!) to create change. Finally, it takes time to integrate and take ownership of your extraordinary self!

First, you need to build your energetic foundation. The first workshop, Foundations, guides you to learn about your own energy, and how to manage and build your powerful, vibrant, energized self.

This Energy First Aid workshop is brought to you in four online classes – one class per week. Each class is designed so you can understand, explore, and manage your energy, vitality and power. Offered online, for one month – with unlimited access to all classes.

In this workshop, you will learn every day skills to understand, explore and manage your energy. Through these four online sessions, you will learn what it means to:

  • Be Grounded
  • Be Protected
  • Be Powerful
  • Be Open-hearted
  • Be Creative
  • Be Intuitive
  • Be Shiny


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